Side By Side

Baikal SxS NK-43E, cal.12

  • Baikal SxS NK-43E, cal.12, 72.5cm, double triggers with ejectors.
    For side by side lovers, this a perfect budget wise SxS to owe & a very tough shotgun that’s unlikely to let you down.
    Selling price $350 with warranty & selling paper.

Beretta SxS Monobloc cal.12

  • Beretta SxS Monobloc cal.12, 71cm barrels, double triggers with extractors test fired like new shotgun.
    YOM 1959, 64 years & still in factory condition, zero pitting, flawless & fabulous shotgun to owe & to add to your collection.
    Price including plastic hard case, warranty & selling paper for $750 only.

Vincenzo Bernadelli Elio

Vincenzo Bernadelli Elio:
Checkout this unique SxS brand new zero shot cal.12, 71cm, /**, single gold selective trigger with ejectors.
The action on this gun is done in a coin finish with very fine & profuse scroll work.
The Elio models were built in light weights so to be carried all day in the field.
Selling price $1150 including warranty, hard case & selling paper.

Falco cal.24, 76cm * / ***

Falco 100% fine Italian side by side shotgun, cal.24, 76cm * / *** , double triggers with extractors like new test fired only.
Very unique shotgun to enjoy shooting & to add to your collection.
Selling price $900 including hard case, selling paper with warranty.