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An over-under shotgun is a type of double-barreled shotgun in which the barrels are arranged vertically, with one barrel on top of the other. The name "over-under" refers to the fact that the barrels are stacked in this way. This design allows for a shorter overall length than side-by-side shotguns, while still maintaining the ability to fire two shots in quick succession. Over-under shotguns are commonly used for sporting and hunting purposes, such as clay pigeon shooting and bird hunting. They are also popular for their sleek and aesthetically pleasing design.

Semi Automatic

Semi automatic refers to a type of firearm or weapon that requires a trigger pull for each shot fired, but automatically reloads the next round. It is different from a fully automatic weapon that fires continuously as long as the trigger is held down. Semi automatic firearms are commonly used for civilian sporting purposes such as hunting and target shooting, as well as by law enforcement and military personnel. While semi automatic weapons have been the subject of controversy and debate due to their potential use in mass shootings, they remain legal in many countries with varying degrees of regulation. Demand for semi automatic weapons has increased in recent years, leading to debates around gun control legislation and public safety.

Side By Side

A side-by-side shotgun is a type of double-barreled shotgun in which the barrels are arranged horizontally, with one barrel next to the other. This design gives the shotgun a distinctive and traditional appearance. Side-by-side shotguns are often used for hunting and sporting purposes, such as upland game bird hunting and clay pigeon shooting. They are also popular for their simplicity and reliability, with fewer moving parts than other types of shotguns. Side-by-side shotguns typically have two triggers, one for each barrel, allowing the shooter to choose which barrel to fire first. They are also known for their smooth handling and quick swinging capabilities, making them ideal for fast-moving targets.